All fees are payable in full at the time of treatment we accept, cash cheques and all major credit and debit cards

If your pet is hospitalised having a procedure we will normally ask for a 50% deposit of the estimated costs

We offer fantastic value for money with 15 minute consults as standard so time can be taken to explain things clearly

We have state of the art equipment and highly trained team

When we say our neuter prices are inclusive that means everything as well as food, intravenous fluids during surgery, a collar and go home pain relief. We pride ourselves on making all of our surgeries “gold standard” (see clinical excellence section)


Initial Consultation – all species£45.00
Repeat Consultation£43.00
Puppy Vaccination Courses £83.00
Dog Booster£47.70
Booster and Kennel Cough Vaccine£87.00
Dog Restart£47.70
Kitten Vaccination Course £72.60
Cat Booster (FELV)£56.00
Rabbit Vaccination Combined RHV/Myxo (Includes full health check including teeth)£70.00
Bitch Spey <15kg£273.48
Bitch Spey 15kg-35kg£319.06
Bitch Spey 35kg+£393.26
Dog Castration <15kg£226.84
Dog Castration 15-30kg£251.76
Dog Castration 30-50kg£299.98
Dog Castration 50kg+£331.26
Cat/Ferret Spey£112.36
Cat/Ferret Castration£74.50
Rabbit Spey£134.62
Rabbit Castrate£110.24
Guinea Pig Spey£128.26
Guinea Pig Castrate£110.24
Rabies Vaccination£67.84
Animal Health Certificate£259.12
Kennel Cough Vaccine£44.00
Microchip (half price if done under GA)£26.50