All of our neutering prices include on the day and top-up pain relief, pain relief to take at home, food for recovering at home and a buster collar (cone, lampshade).

We stock a variety of postoperative bodysuits and soft collars at a small extra fee.

Since June 2017 we have been looking to get our standards to a minimum of gold. We do this via the types of anaesthetic agents we use, our advanced monitoring equipment, our initial assessment of our patients grading them for any anaesthetic risks such as underlying health problems and ensuring all procedures are in place to minimise any such risks

We feel fluids are important during any procedure requiring anaesthetic or so we can alter the level of fluids needed to maintain a blood pressure during anaesthetic that is safe for organ function. Fluids are included in all our neutering prices

Animals Admitted for neutering

  • Must be starved from midnight the previous evening to the day of operation
  • Can be provided with water at all times
  • Very small dogs such as young puppies and dogs under 3kg may have a very small volume of food at 5-6am to prevent a drop in blood sugar
  • Must have been checked over by a vet prior to admittance (this can be arranged for the morning of procedure)


  • Scans can be offered from 30 days to determine pregnancy they are currently £70, this includes a full consultation and health check.