Welcome to

Hadrian Vets

Hexham's longest established Veterinary Practice is under new management.

We are a relatively new team at Hadrian. We have updated our diagnostic, anaesthetic and monitoring equipment, revised all of our policies and procedures in line with modern best practice and are currently modernising our kennel facilities. Quality of care and modern equipment are both very important, and review and renewal will be an ongoing process.

We are all animal lovers and know how important it is that our pets are treated with kindness and compassion.

We will give you the same advice and care for your pet that we would want for ours. We want to take our time to explain things and allow us to discuss the problems and options fully. So unlike most vets we have longer 15-30 minute consults unlike the standard 10 minutes.

We run a variety of nurse led clinics, view them in our services.

We constantly review our performance using regular audit to ensure we are achieving the best possible results, we want to learn from our successes and our mistakes. We will share our audit results via a national database to make sure our performance compares well with national benchmarks.