Nurse Consultations

Our nurses are highly trained and registered with the Royal Veterinary College.  Their role is different to the veterinary surgeon and they often have a broader knowledge of subjects such as obesity management, nutrition for life stages, best practice for feeding and preventative healthcare, post operative wound care, management and care of large complex wounds and dressings. Our senior nurse has run busy nurse clinics for over five years and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our nursing team

We provide an extensive list of clinics and consultations some have a small charge for the nurses professional time and some are free of charge. We have listed them here; please do not hesitate to contact us for further details


Charged Nurse Consults

Administration of medicine - eg ear drops/eye drops £17.50

Anal gland expression £19.50

Nail clip £19.50

Blood pressure monitoring £61.97


Free of Charge Consults

(purchased products such as anti-parasites are not included)

Dental checks, brushing and oral care demonstrations assessing bite or wear problems, generating estimates if dental treatment is needed (free)

Diabetic monitoring and support including injection technique checks, diet and home monitoring advice and support which usually includes ongoing email and telephone support (free)

Weight management through support and consultation for under and overweight pets (free)

Nutritional advice for any age group (free)

Microchip check (free)

1-2 tick removed advice given on prevention checks and product administration (free)

Anti-parasite consultation (free)